Thursday, 5 March 2015

Catch up Photo's

As promised here are some of the professional photo's:

From Christina and Sams wedding at Blackstock Farm in July by Matthew Page.

The bride and one of the 'maids'

The bride

The lovely detailed jam jars

From Maddie's wedding at The George in September by Lisa Bretherick Photography:

The bouquet

The 'Limade' dresses

The happy couple

The tables

Everyone enjoying the moment.

From Tash and Stefans wedding at Mountains Country house Hildenborogh in August, thanks to All Things Twice Photography:

The bouquet

The Bride and Groom

The Marquee

A close up of the table flowers

And for now that's it, a taster of some of 2014's weddings, what will we find to be popular in 2015? So far enquiries are for the relaxed, informal style of flowers but colours, they vary from muted pastels, a real mix to blues, reds, you name it, anything goes!

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