Sunday, 26 June 2011

Have what you want!

This weekend brought another wedding and the bride was able to incorporate her love for sunflowers when they did not go with the overall colour scheme. The bridesmaids were in purple, as were the invites, table place settings and napkins so the flowers chosen for the bouquets and reception were lilac stocks, veronica, cool water roses, lilac wax and freesia:

The tables had a collection of 'vintage' vases with similar flowers but with a touch of yellow dotted here and there:

The pew ends (these are work in progress!) were along the same lines:

And then there was the arch - a 'sunny' welcome to all the guests. Fortunately the wind didn't play too much havoc with the weighty stems of sunflowers!

So you can have it all!

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Another week has passed and we are busy keeping in touch with future brides, checking all the final details. We also had a small wedding this Saturday which was very pretty with creams, ivory and a hint of blue. The bridesmaid was wearing navy blue which has proved very popular this year,we have four weddings with that colouring!

We also managed to pop over to The Wealden Times Summer Fair at High Halden which was great. I have wanted to go for the past couple of years but until we decided to close the shop at 1pm on a Saturday it has not been possible. It was well attended and sported a significant amount of 'shabby chic'ware but I did buy as I found some ideal vases for a wedding coming up later this month. I am sure they will feature in a future posting.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Summer Parties

Half term is always a funny week as you never know whether everyone will go way and therefore not be busy or the complete opposite. Well I would say it was somewhere inbetween, we were steady on the flower, plant and coffee front but it did seem to be the weekend for parties and all rather last minute!

We were asked to get in a selection of English Country Garden flowers for a 50th birthday celebration so we opted for scabious, cornflower, astrantia, stock, peony, larkspur and alchamilla, they looked beautiful, shame I didn't get a quick picture. If the customer sends us any images I will be sure to post them.

However I did manage to get the camera out for the next job. Another party where the customer had planned to do the flowers herself from her garden but felt she would loose too much colour if she cut from her garden. We put together posies of roses, alchamilla, astrantia and sweet peas in simple small hurrican vases.

And on mass

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