Wednesday, 27 July 2011

An Average Florist!

What is an average florist? I pondered this question recently when I read a local grower quoting that they grew flowers ‘not commonly found in the average florist’. They listed astrantia, scabious, nigella and larkspur, well we stock all these regularly when they are in season along with others that customers have not seen before such as celosia and ereumus. So I guess that means we are not ‘an average florist’ which I am so pleased about as it saddens me emormously when you see a lot very basic florist shops when there are so many lovely things out there. End of rant and a couple images from weddings we have done with the type of flowers I like:

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fringe weddings

Last weekend we were involved on the fringes of 3 weddings! Firstly there was the village wedding who used the local flower guild but wanted us to do the thankyous. Secondly we provided the hair and buttonhole flowers in antique pinks for a local 2nd marriage.

Thirdly we had two seperate people contact us for the same low key wedding, the bride for a bouquet of roses and lisianthus and then a guest for the cake flowers as the artificial arrangement had turned up much too big for the cake - The Flower House to the rescue again!

And to finish this posting, a combo from home grown flowers:

Next posting will be of this weeks weddings and a previous ones 'official' photos.

Sunday, 3 July 2011


It's definately that time of year as we hosted a 21st birthday tea party in our coffee shop this Saturday. It was a great start to the celebrations as the birthday girl was toasted with champaign after tea and cupcakes made by our regular cake maker Jenny of Timeless Tarts. The girls were then off to dinner and a swim (or the other way round)back home.

I am waiting for photos on that one as I am for the next party which was an evening do in an Indian themed marquee. The arrangements were simple, white calla lilies in tall vases, nothing too fussy so as not to interfere with the colourful interior. They also hired mirrors and tea lights to set the scene together with large plants to add to the ambiance.

The tables were not clothed when we arrived so again photos will have to come later.

The last 2 Sundays have just been great for a day off and I have taken advantage and enjoyed the garden. Last week I even sat in it and read the paper! The cut flowers, although not in great quantities, are thriving and the other halfs veg is diong pretty well too.

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